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The love which the Holy Spirit pours into our hearts gives us a share in the charism of Marcellin Champagnat and directs all our energies to this one aim: to follow Christ as Mary did.
— Marist Constitutions #3

The Marist Brothers are an international religious institute of Brothers (lay consecrated men) dedicated to making Jesus Christ known and loved through the education and evangelisation of young people, especially those most in need.

Founded by St Marcellin Champagnat in 1817 in France, there are 3,100 Brothers across 80 Countries. The Marist Brothers are educators, youth ministers, counsellors, social workers, and missionaries. Everyday, Brothers transform the lives and situations of thousands of young people through education and spirituality programs, challenging young people to live to their fullest potential and make a difference in the world around them.

Known originally as the Little Brothers of Mary, the Catholic Church approved our Congregation in 1863 giving us the title: Fratres Maristae a Scholis (FMS) or Marist Brothers of the Schools.

In the Province of Australia, 210 Brothers live in 30 Marist Communities across the country, including 18 Brothers working in Marist ministries in Algeria, Bougainville, Cambodia, East Timor, Italy (General Headquarters, Rome), Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Solomon Islands and Vietnam.

The Province Of Australia was created on December 8, 2012, bringing together the former provinces of Melbourne and Sydney. Our current Provincial is Brother Peter Carroll, FMS, who is currently serving his first term as Provincial. The Provincial Headquarters is located at Mascot in Sydney. 

The General Headquarters of the Marist Brothers is located in Rome. Our current Superior General is Brother Ernesto Sanchez Barba, FMS. To find out more about the mission and ministries of the Marist Brothers throughout the world, go to


Our Founder

Led by the Spirit, Marcellin was seized by the love that Jesus and Mary had for him and for others … His faith and eagerness to do God’s will led him to realise that his mission was to ‘make Jesus Christ known and loved.
— Marist Constitutions #2

Our Founder, Marcellin Champagnat (1789-1840) was born in a rural area near Lyon in southern France and grew up in the difficult years of the French Revolution. Saddened by both the inadequate educational opportunities that children and young people had, together with a lack of Christian faith, Marcellin had a growing conviction that he should give his life to doing something about it.  He wanted to share with young people the joy and hope that came from his own faith and experience of being loved by God.

While training to be a priest, Marcellin came across a group of like-minded seminarians who wanted to form a society with a Marian spirit and purpose. Like Mary, they saw themselves open to God, sharing in Mary's work of bringing Christ alive. They desired to build community in a family-like way, and called themselves Marists.

Just months after his ordination in 1816, Marcellin invited two young men to become the first Marist Brothers, so as to provide young people with the Christian education he had long desired. These first Brothers were captured by Marcellin’s distinctive spirituality and his way of living the Gospel: a way that was simple and unpretentious, warm and community-based, close to young people and with a heart touched by Jesus. Gathered around Marcellin, the early Brothers learnt to become men with strong minds and gentle hearts.

In a letter to King Louis-Philippe the 24th January, 1834 Marcellin explained the reason of the name given to his Institute. In his own words:

“I gave them the name of Little Brothers of Mary, quite convinced that this name alone would attract a big number of subjects. A speedy success, in a matter of a few years, has proved my intuition right, beyond my wildest hopes”.

This title expresses well three key elements of the spirit that Marcellin wished for his new Community of Brothers: (i) gathered around Mary; (ii) being brother to all those with whom they worked; (iii) living a life of humility and simplicity.

The numbers of Brothers grew rapidly in the first two decades so that by the time of his death in 1840, Marcellin had attracted 280 men to be Marist Brothers and 48 schools were in operation. The Marist congregation soon spread all over France, then to other parts of the world. In 1872, at the invitation of Bede Polding OSB, the Archbishop of Sydney, the first Marist Brothers arrived in Australia and immediately began a school ministry among poor children at the Rocks in Sydney.

Marcellin was beatified by Pope Pius XII in 1955 and declared a saint of the Catholic Church by Blessed Pope John Paul II on 18 April, 1999 in St Peter's Square in Rome.