Br. Jeffrey Barrington, FMS

What gives you joy in living the vocation of a Brother today?

Over the past five years my life, vocation and mission has taken a somewhat drastic turn from what I have been accustomed to in the previous thirty-four years of Marist brotherhood. As Community Leader and being responsible for the total personal / palliative care of a number of senior brothers in the end years of their life, my life has become 24/7 (time, energy and attention) focussed on community rather than the more active ministry of working with young people in school.

As a Brother, how do you see yourself responding to the Gospel in the way of Mary?

My ministry involves providing personal and pastoral care in catering for the elderly brothers’ needs. To sit with wonderful old men as they approach death and listening to those who are constantly reflecting on their passed life is an extraordinary privilege. Toileting, cleaning, assisting and caring for someone who is totally reliant on another is extremely personal. The past five years have helped me reflect on the role of community living in my life as a brother. When you are totally committed to the ‘other’ and the ‘other’ always has to come first, there is a privileged opportunity to meet God.

I am grateful that I can be brother to my own brothers through this special ministry.

Brother Jeffrey is Community Leader of an Aged-Care Community at St Gregory’s College, Campbelltown.