Br. Justin Golding, FMS

What gives you joy in living the vocation of a Brother today?

One of the gifts of my vocation as a Marist Brother is to journey with young men and women in their own search for God through Youth Ministry and Religious Education. Through prayer, liturgy and faith sharing, my aim is to create a space where young people can encounter Jesus Christ. Moved by an experience of His presence, they become empowered to be evangelisers in faith for their peers. It is a powerful experience to listen to the personal testimony of an adolescent or young adult as they stand before other young people and proclaim their belief in Jesus and a God who loves them!

As a Brother, how do you see yourself responding to the Gospel in the way of Mary?

Walking with young people on their faith journey asks me to be patient, understanding and open as they wrestle with life’s questions and where God is leading them. Mary had these qualities in responding to God’s request to be the mother of Jesus, and I find in her great strength and encouragement as I wrestle with my own spiritual journey.

Brother Justin completed five years at Trinity Catholic College as the Youth Ministry and Liturgy Coordinator at the end of 2013. He is currently participating in the Institute-run Brother Formators for a New World course at Manziana, Italy. He is a keen tennis player who also enjoys the outdoors.