Br. Tony Burrows, FMS

What gives you joy in living the vocation of a Brother today?

I have spent the past two years in Cambodia working with young people with disabilities and who had very little chance of education before coming to the Marist Brothers’ Lavalla School. It is wonderful to see the smiles of hope on the students’ faces, as they begin to discover life and possibilities opening up for them through the educational opportunities we provide here.

Before that I was sixteen years in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands working with young people who had missed out on education, either because of their poverty or remoteness. Our Brothers were able to put skills and resources into working closely with these young people, so as to give them a sense of their own worth and give them hope when others in society tended to disregard them because of their lack of education or disability and poverty.

This is what Jesus did. And I like to think that in my own small way as a Marist Brother I can show, by my living with them, that their lives are important and that their contribution to society is valued. As Mary brought Jesus to the world, I hope I can let these young people experience the love Jesus has for them.