Ministry Together with Lay Marists

As Brothers and Lay Marists, we try to develop a quality of communion that allows families, religious communities and other forms of community living to become homes where the young are helped to mature, where we take care of those aging, and are especially kind to the weak; places where we forgive one another and heal wounds, where we joyfully celebrate the life we share together.
— Water From the Rock #110

Today, Lay Marists have discovered that the spirituality that stems from Marcellin Champagnat and the early community of Brothers, resonates strongly with them as a way of bringing the gospel to life. Women and men who find that their faith journey, and way of knowing and relating to God, continues to be shaped, defined and energized by Marist values and characteristics. Men and women who, like Mary, are open to God's spirit in their life and respond by finding ways to bring the Good News to young people.

Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat

This partnership between Brothers and Lay Marists is being expressed in the form of a new canonical entity, the Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat (Australian Confreence), where all Australian Marists realise that our respective vocations are mutually enhanced by our sharing of life, spirituality and mission. We see this as God’s initiative and rejoice that so many people desire to live Marcellin’s spirit.

The Marist Association is a genuine response to a call for co-responsibility for the life & mission of the wider Australian Marist Community. It will provide a formal Church structure for leadership and governance of Marist ministries into the future. In many ways it formalizes what already exists to better provide for Marist life and ministry. 

Marcellin Champagnat's particular gift was to found the Marist Brothers to teach and evangelise young people, particularly those on the margins of society. 

The Marist Association aims to provide the necessary structure to keep Marcellin's dream alive! It is a body of people, canonically recognized in the Catholic Church, who share responsibility for the leadership, governance and animation of Marist ministries. The four main Marist ministries are schools (Marist Schools Australia), youth ministry (Marist Youth Ministry), youth care (Marist Youth Care) and solidarity (Marist Solidarity).

Why a Marist Association Now?

Primarily it is about the future vitality & viability of Marist ministries. It will nurture the vocation of all Marists by building a sense of community and belonging between all those who choose to share in Marist life and mission. The people who join the Association will ensure that the Marist charism remains a living tradition by continually returning to the question: “What is God asking of Marists in Australia today?”