Perpetual Professed

I freely and voluntarily, make into your hands, Brother Superior General, profession of the evangelical counsels by the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience, for my whole life, according to the Constitutions of the Institute of the Little Brothers of Mary.
— Profession formula, Marist Constitutions #114

"I choose to live my life as a Marist Brother."

Following the Novitiate, the initial phase in the life of the temporary professed Brother is directed towards formation for mission and the gaining of appropriate professional qualifications in a field of expertise. This is a time of integrating tertiary studies (generally in the areas of theology, education and youth ministry) with some form of apostolic work, together with the life of prayer and community life. These years of “scholastic formation” enable the young Brother to experience how his religious consecration can truly become a reality for him. Temporary professed brothers normally live in a formation community close to their centre of study.

In the second phase, the temporary professed Brother is placed in full-time Marist apostolic ministry, giving himself whole-heartedly to being Brother for young people, working alongside other Brothers (E.g. Youth Minister in a Marist School). He does this while living in a regular community of Brothers. This experience of full-time ministry provides the Brother with the opportunity to bring his professional training to bear on his ministry while working alongside Brothers and Lay Marists