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The Vow of Poverty

It’s about living simply and relying on my Brothers.

Implicit in the evangelical counsel of poverty is living poorly, in fact as well as in spirit. We renounce the use and disposal, without authorisation, of all money or of other material goods of value. Our poverty is evidenced also by the simplicity that is to characterise our approach to life, our style of living. Poverty requires us to make good use of our talents, to share what we are and whatever we have at our disposal, especially the time we call our own.
— Marist Constitutions, #29, 32

The vow of poverty is not about living in a state of poverty. It’s about making a choice as Brothers not to clutter our lives with material things. Material possessions are good in themselves, however they can stifle the freedom required to make a radical response to the Gospel and be available as disciples of Jesus.

The vow of poverty invites us to trust fully in God’s providence and to live simply, both individually and in community, sharing what we have with each other and those in need.

From our work we receive an allowance which is used to support the daily living needs of each Brother in the community, the training of our young brothers, the work of our missionary Brothers in developing countries, and the health care needs of the community. We place greater reliance on each other for mutual support than material possessions. They are there to help our life and ministry within the Church.

Michael Mirabella